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70% women like the idea of jewellery shopping using AR (virtual trying on) !

20% sales increment by adding AR to your eCommerce website/app.

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Cutting edge technologies
This state-of-the-art app is based on both artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) technologies. These popular technologies were used mainly for fun before.
Diversity of jewelry types
The TryOn Jewellery app allows placing earrings, necklaces and even nose-rings. Jewellery sets creation is also possible.
Easy to start
The app can be deployed in a few weeks including the content preparation.
Environment estimation
The app estimates a face shape, room lighting, phones camera characteristics and uses all of these together to show jewellery to be as real as possible.
Easy adaptable to input content
The TryOn Jewellery is able to work with client’s 3D-models and even with 2D images.
Full support
The experienced account manager supports and helps you from the first meeting up to when the app is published and is operational.

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